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Well, in case you failed to notice; in case you failed to see...

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Okay, kids. Official Friending Policy is as follows:

-If I friended you, it's probably because I stopped spazzing out and finally friended you because I like what you've written/iconed/snarked in comments. It's random, but it's a compliment, so yay for you.

-Friend me all you want. If you've never commented, if you like something I've written, whatever. I'm not picky about who friends me and I'm actually a pretty nice chick, so I'm not going to be all "WTF get off my 'friend of' list, hor!!" or anything if an unknown name pops up. =D

There's links to all of my fic in my memories. They're broken up by fandom to make them a little easier to find, but my "order added" function got all effed up when I tried to resort a few of them, so they're not in any chronological order. Don't let that stop you, though. ;D